Cultural Rotterdam captured in 1 minute for R’damse Nieuwe

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In preparation for the International Advisory Board 2017 we created this show case of the art and culture that you can find in the city of Rotterdamin collaboration with Bigguban. Created for R’damse Nieuwe / Rotterdam IAB 2017 to capture the extremely diverse and multilayered cultural scene in Rotterdam. Gotta love our city! Thanks to: Conny Janssen Danst, Hofplein Rotterdam, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, … Read More

Panic Room by Tilt. (photo: Visual Therapy)

The 10 most inspiring… Art Hotels


The 10 most inspiring… In the past few years, art has become a big trend in hospitality and tourism. From famous street artists, such as Banksy, Invader, and Obey, to the contemporary elite like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Koons, and Damien Hirst. More and more artists are becoming part of the art movement in hospitality and tourism. The influence of art … Read More

We proudly present two new Arttenders: Evita Verbrugge and Willem Musch

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We are excited to have two new champs on our team. Willem Musch was seeking a change of scenery after his year in real estate, and Evita Verbrugge just wants to know all about combining art and business. Well, it looks like they came to the right place! Evita Verbrugge Evita Verbrugge is a second-year student International Bachelor Arts & Culture … Read More

Sneak peak inside Faye Ellen’s apartment with ‘Binnenstebuiten’

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Binnenstebuiten meets Rotterdam-Noord When you are true to your own style you stand out. Enough reason for a Dutch newspaper NRC to publish an article about how Faye Ellen redesigned her house in Rotterdam Noord in 2016. But now the national KRO-NCRV TV show Binnenstebuiten also picked up on Faye’s original and colorful taste! The Dutch daily TV show Binnenstebuiten … Read More

R’damse Nieuwe blog entry for the International Advisory Board on Culture, 2017

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Every two years Rotterdam Partners invites international experts to evaluate the city and to make recommendations stimulating economic growth. For the 2017 edition the emphasis is on culture. The experts have been asked to think about the international positioning of culture in Rotterdam. This blog was published as the R’damse Nieuwe entry in the preparation for the International Advisory Board 2017. … Read More

Logo Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw Award

Faye Ellen and Siobhan Burger nominated for Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw van het Jaar category Aanstormend Talent 2017!

Siobhan BurgerNews

2017 marks the launch of the first edition of the Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw van het Jaar (Rotterdam Business Woman of the Year Award). This first edition there will be awards in three categories: Rotterdamse Zakenvrouw van het Jaar (Rotterdam Business Woman of the Year); ZZP (Self Employed); and Aanstormend Talent (Upcoming talent, less that 3 years in business). In each category 5 women were nominated … Read More