Siobhan Burger and Jonas Martens aired on Chicks and the City!

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Guilty pleasure songs, entrepreneurship, sharing failures and the future of the city of Rotterdam were among others topics of discussion during the interview in which Siobhan Burger and het R’damse Nieuwe collegaue Jonas Martens were asked questions by two Rotterdam chicks during ‘Chicks and the City’ on Radio Rijnmond on May 24th. Chicks and the City: where girls make radio! … Read More

Arttenders published in Elsevier Juist, Mei 2017: ‘Oude Ambachten, Nieuwe Technieken’

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During the Nationaal Monumenten Congres 2016 in Rotterdam Arttenders asked artists and architects to inspire visitors with their practice. Journalist Annette Wiesman was captured by the craftsmanship in the art projects of Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam. It resulted in an extensive article on crafts in combination with contemporary techniques in public space and real estate development in the May 2017 edition … Read More

Amsterdam Oersoep published in ‘Architecture in the Netherlands, Yearbook 2016/2017’

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Launch ‘Architecture in the Netherlands, Yearbook 2016 2017’ at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands by Kaan Architecten On April 26th nai010 Publishers launched the ‘Architecture in the Netherlands, Yearbook 2016/2017‘. Each year an editorial team selects noteworthy architectural projects in Dutch architecture, with particular attention to commissionership, architecture policy and projects that have achieved spectacular results with limited resources. … Read More

Sneak peak inside Faye Ellen’s apartment with ‘Binnenstebuiten’

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Binnenstebuiten meets Rotterdam-Noord When you are true to your own style you stand out. Enough reason for a Dutch newspaper NRC to publish an article about how Faye Ellen redesigned her house in Rotterdam Noord in 2016. But now the national KRO-NCRV TV show Binnenstebuiten also picked up on Faye’s original and colorful taste! The Dutch daily TV show Binnenstebuiten … Read More

Arttenders’ founders Siobhan Burger and Faye Ellen are featured in the special Christmas edition of Elsevier.

Elsevier – “Nieuwe generatie maakt het verschil met startups”

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Arttenders on Elsevier! Arttenders’ founders Siobhan Burger and Faye Ellen are featured in the special Christmas edition of Elsevier. Economy editor Servaas van der Laan interviewed Siobhan on a wide range of questions. For example, what is it like to be a startup in the field of arts? How did the idea of Arttenders start at a party years ago? … Read More

Thijs Wolzak at the artsy apartment of Faye Ellen.

Thijs Wolzak kijkt binnen bij Faye Ellen en Joost Kroon

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Each week Thijs Wolzak visits interesting interiors for his column in the NRC. This week he took a sneakpeak in the artsy apartment of Faye Ellen and her partner Joost Kroon. Read the entire article online. Photography: Thijs Wolzak

Seven steps to effective culture sponsoring

Sponsorreport oktober 2016

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7 stappen naar effectieve cultuursponsoring Sponsorreport Oktober 2016 This October Arttenders wrote an article for Sponsorreport, the leading Dutch magazine about sponsoring. It contains 7 steps towards more effectively acquiring sponsorships in the cultural field. Read the article below or go to Sponsorreport to get the entire issue!    

Faye Ellen Siobhan Burger art brokers

Arttenders in NRC Handelsblad

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Today, a great article about Arttenders was published in Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad by journalist Cathelijne Beijn. Read the article online Thank you FotostudioZ for the cool pic!  

Arttenders Siobhan Burger on VSB fonds


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In 2013 Siobhan was one of the recipients of the prestigious VSBfonds scholarship. This scholarship enabled her to finance tuition fees at New York University. Storyteller Emiel Elgersma came to visit and made a portrait about Siobhan’s motivation and mission during her time in New York.

art advisor

Volkskrant Magazine

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Each week Volkskrant Magazine writes a profile on how people spend their money. Just after arrival in New York, Margot Pol interviewed Siobhan about crowdfunding, expenditures and other financial issues. The article is in Dutch only, but can be read through the following link:

Siobhan Burger on crowdfunding for education


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In October 2014 Yulia Laricheva, co-founder of crowdfunding platform Funddreamer, invited Siobhan to contribute her story to the Funddreamer blog.

Opening Rotterdam Markthal

Open Rotterdam

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Faye was interviewed by Jan Middelkoop of Open Rotterdam on the morning of the opening of the Markthal Rotterdam. This day was a special day to her, not only because of the opening, but also due to the fact that for the first time in her life she was the proud owner of a smartphone. Jan called a little earlier … Read More

Faye Ellen interviewed by Veel Plezier

Rotterdampas Magazine

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Faye was involved in the production of many icons in Rotterdam. In her interview with Veel Plezier!, the magazine of the Rotterdampas, she talks about her passion for art and many project in public space she helped produce!

NRC - Siobhan Burger on Creative Crowfounding

NRC Handelsblad

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Siobhan was one of the first students to use some form of crowdfunding to fund the 100.000 euro she needed for her degree in New York. Reporter Evy van der Sanden interviewed her together with Ralien Bekker for Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad about the ins and outs of their fundraising campaigns.