Nationaal Monumentencongres 2016

Each year the Nationaal Monumentencongres (the annual Dutch conference on monuments) is organized. This year the theme was ‘Existing Values and new Appreciation’. Arttenders was asked to program inspiring speakers as part of the Speakers’ Corner, hosted by Bob Wind. Faye Ellen spoke on behalf of Arttenders. We also invited artist Nynke Koster, architect Anton Wubben, artist duo Arno Coenen & Iris Roskam and Cesare Peeren from Superuse Studios.

Speakers’ Corner

Arttenders works on the verge of art, cultural heritage and architecture, trying to integrate art as part of the development process. Therefore, there was a direct connection with the Nationaal Monumentencongres. The conference included workshops with set themes and the Speakers’ Corner, where ten short presentations were given to inspire the audience. Arttenders programmed five of them!

Photography by Léontine van Geffen-Lamers

Arno & Iris, independent artists

Artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam talked about how their works of art are always integrated in architecture. This way they are creating the monuments of the future, such as their work ‘Horn of Plenty’ (2014) in the Markthal Rotterdam in collaboration with MVRDV and more recently ‘Amsterdam Oersoep’ (2016) in collaboration with RAMSA, New York and Rijnboutt, Amsterdam.

Cesare Peeren, Superuse Studios

Cesare Peeren elaborated on how creative thinking and a playful approach to rules can lead to the creation of unique and amazing projects. Superuse Studios is a pioneer in sustainable design, creating functional, aesthetic and environmental friendly design and architecture. One renowned example is the creation of a new base for WORM, the institute for avant-garde recreation, that Superuse Studios was commissioned with in 2012. For the design of the new space in Witte de Withstraat, Superuse Studios made a cut in the façade and situated the cut piece two meters in front of the façade in order to enable a spatial connection between all functions of the building.

Nynke Koster, independent artist

Nynke Koster presented her unique and contemporary approach to preserve architectural monuments. The artist takes negatives of ornaments and creates synthetic casts of architectural fragments, spaces and bodies. The results are artistic objects and furniture, each piece combining modernity and history in its singular manner.

Faye Ellen, Arttenders

Faye Ellen presented Arttenders’ philosophy that integrated art communicates identity and promotes participation, all while making life more beautiful. Faye elaborated on how art can add value in every imaginable context from public and semi-public to private spaces. Projects developed by Arttenders that show the power of art as a communication tool include the ‘Horn of Plenty’ (2014) in the Markthal Rotterdam and the ‘Amsterdam Oersoep’ (2016).

Anton Wubben, architect

The subject of architect Anton Wubben’s talk was the question what makes a monument a monument. As former project leader for the design of the Markthal for his previous employer MVRDV architects, Anton Wubben has plenty of experience in how a building becomes a true monument. The architect highlighted how a good design should always form a symbiosis between its location and its people who, in the end, decide whether a building becomes a monument. For the Markthal, Wubben added, it is still to soon to tell – we think it is on the best way!


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