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Sigrid Calon

When we first saw Sigrid Calon’s work it was love at first sight. Her use of colors and patterns is unrivaled. Luckily the art world agrees. We are therefore very proud that Sigrid has designed a unique pattern for the most important piece of the Venture Cafe at CIC: the bar! Her work refers to the historic facade of the Groot Handelsgebouw and is created with Bisazza Mosaic thanks to all the efforts of our supplier Intercodam!

Sigrid Calon x Art at work

The work of Sigrid Calon is highly inspired by her surroundings, which are questioned by some philosophical interrogatives: What is the essence? Is there a new truth? The answer given by the curious and multifaceted art of Sigrid, which strikes us with its harmony as the artist pursues order, balance and rhytm. She loves to look at the apparent chaos around her and focus on the details, to create unique patterns and impressive compositions. She has been commissioned to create works by brands such as Swatch and has participated in many prestigious projects.

Sigrid created an engaging artwork for the bar for the CICxArttenders Art at Work Project. She was challenged to use a complex material: mosaic! Sigrid named her work Composition in Mosaic#1. We are triggered by the combination of her extremely modern work and a very refined material which people can admire while having a drink at Venture Cafe!

Images by Ossip van Duivenbode and Arttenders

Sigrid about Composition in Mosaic #1

“I was inspired by the beautiful strong graphic elements from the facade of the building. I had a close look at one floor and came up with the idea to us this as the front for the bar-mosaic. The geometric lines are made visual in fresh yellow lines, accompanied with bold black lines to create more depth. In total there will be 18 “windows” all filled with their own specific colour , representing the variation of the different people working there. In front of the “windows” 18 barstools can be placed.

The colors are very soft and smooth, which goes well in combination with the strong lines of the geometric forms in yellow and black. The horizontal parts are be filled with neutral colours grey.”

About the Art at Work Project

The Art at Work Project consists of a series of creative spaces in the CIC offices. These spaces are customized by various artists in collaboration with Arttenders through different forms of applied arts. This creates immersive and inspirational rooms, where entrepreneurs can meet, be inspired, work and socialize.

More information about the Art at Work Project can be found on the project page.

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Thanks to all the efforts of the team at Zuliani Kunst en Terrazzo B.V. and special thanks to Intercodam for making the mosaic possible within this timespan!


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Sigrid Calon
CIC Rotterdam
Kraaijvanger Architects

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