Sebastian Errazuriz, Vandalized Balloon Dog, 2018

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5 Augmented Reality projects that bring art to life


Extended reality technologies are booming! Various industries all over the world are experimenting with, layering and applying different technologies in order to add an extra dimension to their products – and so is the art world. Through Augmented Reality (AR) technologies we can finally realise our mixed-reality dreams by layering virtual images onto the real world. More and more artists are jumping at the opportunity and the results are mind-blowing! Check out our selection of innovative and groundbreaking Augmented Reality projects that bring art to life.

1. KAWS – Expanded Holiday

Last year, KAWS teamed up with Acute Art, a VR and AR production company, for the development of a digital exhibition. The public exhibition featured 12 large AR sculptures of KAWS’ signature Companion figures. The sculptures floated above various iconic sites all over the world – think The Louvre, Times Square, Brooklyn Museum and more. Through Acute Art’s app it was possible to view and even purchase these digital sculptures for only $6.99 (per 24 hours) to ‘take them home’. Never before had it been this affordable to be the owner of a KAWS work…

KAWS, Expanded Holiday at Times Square, 20202. Olafur Eliasson – Wunderkammer

Playing with new forms of reality isn’t new for Olafur Eliasson. After creating the Virtual Reality artwork Rainbow in 2017 – where viewers entered an immersive environment where the combination of digital rain and light created a rainbow-effect – Olafur started to experiment with Augmented Reality. Wunderkammer is a collection of natural elements, small artworks and experiments translated to Augmented Reality. The artist invites you to rediscover your immediate environment, especially now movement and physical togetherness are restricted due to COVID-19, by adding new objects and phenomena to your personal space. So, would you like to have a puffin wandering around your living room? Try it!


3. Sebastian Errazuriz & Zander Eckblad – ALL World app

Due to the worldwide pandemic, more and more artists have come up with novel, creative methods of presenting their work to an online audience. The app ALL World is a great example of this. The platform, developed by two artists themselves, simulates the experience of visiting art works in person. Through a simple click, artists can upload a 3D digital version of their physical artwork. Accordingly, potential buyers can preview the desired artwork in their homes in life-size through AR technologies. The free to use and easily accessible platform hopes to support less established artists to find potential buyers in these crazy times.

Sebastian Errazuriz, Vandalized Balloon Dog, 2018

4. Dennis Rudolph – The 5-minute apocalypse

From 3 March 2021 – yes, it’s still on view! – an AR artwork can be seen on Amsterdam’s oldest building; the Oude Kerk. The Church is currently under construction, but still invites people to go outside and take a look at its exterior where tradition and innovation are being merged through art. In this extended reality experience, classical painting is mixed with new media like virtual reality. So, take a few minutes of your day to go and see how The 5 Minute Apocalypse melds the online and offline world and questions the public possession of a religious building.

Dennis Rudolph, The 5-minute Apocalypse, 2021

5. Simone Rocha x H&M – AR pop-up book

For the launch of designer collaboration H&M x Simone Rocha, a one-of-a-kind invitation was made for their VIP’s: a pop-up book created through Augmented Reality. By scanning a QR code, every page of the book came to life. The AR technology made famous actors, models and artists dance on top of the book in Rocha’s collection. The fashionable 4D experience was realised through the unique combination of pop-up prints by artists Faye Wei Wei and volumetric video technology. This way, the campaign was brought to life in the homes of the guests in a groundbreaking and artistic way. No typical fashion party this time, but a very COVID-proof AR experience.

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