ADORE Oncology and Neuroscience Research Center in Amsterdam

Atrium of ADORE

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Everyday many people cross their ways in healthcare centers. However, not many think about them as places where to linger for a while. To change … Read More

Baby girl Niamh was born!

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We are happy to share the news that on February 1st, 2020 Niamh De Weert was born! She is the daughter of Arttenders’ founding … Read More

Benthemplein Rotterdam

The Shape of Rotterdam: next phase

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Earlier this year, we announced that Arttenders has developed the concept and strategy for The Shape of Rotterdam, a project in collaboration with Rotterdam. … Read More

Arttenders Siobhan Burger at FuckUp Nights XIX Rotterdam at Spaces Hofplein

FuckUp Nights Rotterdam

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When owning a business, things inevitably go wrong from time to time. Last Thursday, Arttenders’ co-founder Siobhan Burger was invited by FuckUp Nights Rotterdam … Read More

Baby Boet has arrived!

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We are pleased to congratulate Arttenders’ Founding Partner Faye Ellen, her partner Joost Kroon and son Rokus with the birth of son and brother … Read More