Verover het Baltimoreplein

  • Title
    • Verover het Baltimoreplein
  • Concept & Production
    • Arttenders
  • Creative
    • Lize Korpershoek
  • Client
    • Municipality of Almere
    • Almere Buiten District
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Arttenders was asked by the Municipality of Almere to develop a strategy to have local citizens involved in designing a playscape for Baltimoreplein, a square in the city district of Almere Buiten. Since the coronavirus was holding us back from actually getting together in the neighborhood, we came up with a fun online alternative for public participation. 

In collaboration with Het Buitenhuis Almere and Dutch illustrator and YouTube-personality Lize Korpershoek, Arttenders created an online campaign to raise visibility for the project titled Verover het Baltimoreplein, in which we call upon children to get creative and conquer the square.



conquer the sqare

The Municipality of Almere has invited Arttenders to realize an artistic but functional playscape on the Baltimoreplein in the city district of Almere Buiten. In collaboration with Studio for New Realities and Brand Urban Agency, the square will be developed into the main center of the local community: an inviting place for meeting, sports, recreation and culture.

Arttenders welcomes all residents of the district to provide their input for the design of the square. Especially the many children of Almere Buiten are challenged to think as creative designers themselves: a fun assignment while at home due to the covid-19 measures. The kids' ideas will be collected before starting the design process, in collaboration with a visual artist.

Become a designer

To guide the children in their creative process, Arttenders created an inspirational toolkit consisting of a downloadable handout and two video tutorials by self-proclaimed professional tinkerer Lize Korpershoek

In the first video, titled Wat is Toegepaste Kunst, Lize explains what applied art is and why it is exciting to contribute to such a work of art in your neighborhood. The second video calls on children to get creative with home and kitchen utensils like empty boxes, tape and cardboard to build a scale model of the playground of their dreams.

Through online campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and collaborations with schools in the neighborhood, the participation call for the design of the public square Baltimoreplein is shared among residents of the Almere Buiten district.

vote for Baltimoreplein!

Arttenders will team up with three artists that will each make a proposal for the final design of the square.  Each of them will take into account the designs that have been in the participation trajectory. The final step is to decide what design will be executed. The winning design will also be based upon the districts preferences.