We Serve Art Box Volume 1

  • Title
    • We Serve Art Box Volume 1
  • Artists
    • Saïd Kinos, Pim Top, Corriette Schoenaerts
  • Client
    • We Serve Art
  • Commissioned by
    • Arttenders

The We Serve Art Box Vol.1 is a festive package containing exclusive artworks made by three of our favorite artists that comes in a limited edition of 500 servings. The first edition of the We Serve Art Box marked the launch of Arttenders' branch We Serve Art, that creates commissioned artworks in limited editions.

For this first edition we collaborated with Pim TopCorriette Schoenaerts and Saïd Kinos.

This limited edition gift box comes in 500 servings and is available at



Introducing We Serve Art

Every year again, especially when december is approaching, the same questions reaches the Arttenders team. Looking for nice artworks to buy as a gift, people ask for directions to the perfect (online) shop or item. Now there’s only one answer to that: We Serve Art!

We Serve Art is an Arttenders' branch where we produce and distribute limited edition artworks. We create corporate commissioned and initiate limited edition works ourselves.

This edition of the We Serve Art Box consists of three artworks by our favorite artists. Each work is wrapped individually, making it the best gift to keep of give away.

This first edition was offered in our webshop, but also served as a corporate Christmas gift for many art loving organisations.

Feel free to reach out if your company is looking for an exclusive collab!



LOVE/HATE by Saïd Kinos

Saïd Kinos is an artist fascinated by human communication. His work is characterized by an intricate combination of words and colors, symbolizing the many impressions that we get to process every single day.

The enamel pin LOVE/HATE is the smallest artwork Saïd Kinos has designed so far. Being launched around the holidays as part of the We Serve Art Box Vol.1, Kinos has opted for a universal contradiction that can actually be carried out all year round. In this black and white pin, he puts good against bad. Moreover, the wearer chooses which way to wear the pin, depending on his mood.

RESORT by Pim Top

Pim Top is a photographer searching for everyday subjects that aren’t that appealing at first glance. Top asks his viewers to consciously rethink aesthetic conventions and the value we grant at images and objects.

Pim Top’s photograph Resort refers to a place that is a dream for some but hell to others. It is a reference to the feeling Top has towards the holiday season. The contradiction between commerce on one hand, and the togetherness of a big family on the other. An inseparable combination of social emptiness and richness, in line with Top’s fascination for opposites.

UNTITLED 1468 by Corriette Schoenaerts

Corriette Schoenaerts is a Rotterdam-based artist who works in visual arts, fashion and advertising. As an artist, she strives not to bear one specific label in terms of style or medium.

For We Serve Art Corriette Schoenaerts designed a scarf that embodies her signature way of working. Untitled 1468 is inspired by the history of the technique of rib jacquard knitting. She created a contemporary variant in response using CGI 3D modeling software. The result: a merge of the limitations of the knitting technique and possibilities of binary computer language translated into colorful graphics.

These artworks come wrapped in a box with an authentic Saïd Kinos design. Season’s Greetings refers to the time of the year in which this art box launches. The artist has opted to explore working with watercolor, resulting in a deep and atmospheric design.

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