How we work


We approach each inquiry through our proven work method. Arttenders takes care of the entire design process, from strategy and concept development until the completion of the project 

Regardless the nature of the project, we always get started with a detailed debrief of the inquiry through an inspirational document. In this stage we aim to inspire our client to think outside the box to meet several corporate ambitions at once.

Based on business objectives and practical challenges we define a strategy. This strategy includes internal and external opportunities, it integrates corporate communication guidelines and contains a brief communication strategy.

In the concepting phase we formulate a design brief in close collaboration with our client and other stakeholders. Based on this brief we develop a creative concept, in close collaboration with artist and experts. 

When a concept is selected for implementation, the design phase starts, consisting of a preliminary and definitive design stage, in which Arttenders and its suppliers make sure that budgets, technical challenges and planning can be met and a final design is presented.

After approval of the final design, we can start with production and implementation. In this phase Arttenders can also provide start to finish communication strategies to employ the communicative nature of our projects to full capacity.