We are

At Arttenders, we believe that everyone deserves an inspiring built environment. In our projects, social designurban development and art intersect. This results in future proof spatial concepts with a wow-factor.

Our method

As social designers we place society in the midst of our design process. Through research by design we reframe the initial inquiry to find surprising solutions. We seek to achieve the biggest impact possible by combining challenges in diverse  domains, such as sports, health, climate adaptation, social welfare and greening. Our focus lies in the public realm and the possible outcomes are limitless: From urban playgrounds, interactive websites, outdoor furniture to an entire facade, whatever form suits the goal.

We apply an iterative design process that applies to almost all our projects. Depending on the scope and inquiry, our clients can start in any stage of the process.

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During the mapping stage Attenders thoroughly researches the current environment to identify opportunities. Here we analyse existing information on various topics such as urban development, tourism, climate adaptation, health, sports, greening and social welfare. We do this through a combination of independent research; document analysis; strategic collaborations; interviews and/or workshops.

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In the strategizing stage we consider how the future environment may differ from the current situation. We reframe the inquiry by using a design thinking approach to inspire our client to think outside its own domain and formulate a larger ambition. Together we identify the full scope of the design potential in a site-specific strategy, including inspiration for specific design directions. We narrow down the design directions and translate specific opportunities into a clear set of design objectives. Context, spatial and social objectives, technical requirements, budgets and deliverables are combined into one cohesive design brief. We make sure to include practicalities such as safety, maintenance, contracts and touchpoints for stakeholder engagement.



The design stage includes translating the design objectives into one or more feasible design proposals. This stage is an iterative process of concepting, development and prototyping. This method leaves space for co-creation sessions and new insights during the design process. Our interdisciplinary design team collaborates with external experts and (local) artists. This way we ensure the design meets objectives and technical requirements within budget, whilst offering an agile design process and unique and inspiring outcome at the same time.



After the design is approved it is construction time! In the building stage Arttenders implements the design proposal. We take care of the production process from A to Z, from managing contractors, keeping stakeholders up to date and staying in check with budgets and planning. Next to the physical production of the work, we can also take care of the communication toward the launch of the project. Ranging from content production, photography and video, copywriting and PR: we make sure the launch of our designs does not go unnoticed!



In this almost final stage the design is in use. Hooray! In this stage we reap the benefits of our hard labour. We love to see our work come to life and be embraced by its surroundings. We monitor publications and make our work gets the impact it deserves



Together with our client we reflect on the initial design objectives in relation to the design process and end result. In addition, we can measure impact by collecting data and responses to the implemented design. The results can be used for internal accountability, but even better to showcase the success of the project supported by data! What better tool to gain support for your next project?