• Title
    • Arttenders office (2018 - present)
  • Artists
    • Hans van Bentem, Lieke Janssen, Studio Spass, Joana Schneider, Rotganzen, Sigrid Calon and many others
  • Location
    • Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Earlier this year, Arttenders moved a few blocks to it’s new office in Rotterdam’s north quarter, as our former office became too small. Our Office 2.0 is the best example of what we do: creating immersive spaces that communicate the nature of brands. Let’s give you a tour through our own particular place! The best news? You can rent our office for presentations and events. Contact us, our inspiring office has got you covered!




Our custom made shared desk moved with us to the new address. That’s eight highly comfortable chairs to work from. The concrete table top is filled with flowers, stationery and snacks like fruits, chocolates and the occasional cake. And there’s always coffee. Huge amounts of coffee.

Out motto is We Serve Art, so our office is a showroom for visitors to consume it. Our office shows the DNA of our company: bold, fearless and colorful. We dreamed of our own exhibition wall, and Joris Rockx made this dream come to life. The colorful shelves meander across the wall and turn our office into a curiosity cabinet in Arttenders’ style. Each item displayed tells a story, and with every story we’d love to inspire visitors.

A trophy cabinet

What is there to be found? Arttenders merchandise like tote bags, helmets and the Tyrannosaurus Faye pins. A carrousel holding postcards that refer to all of our finished projects and items that were part of these projects. One of the limited edition-sweaters of our Glasbak-campaign is showcased and the Grand Prix Content Marketing Award we won with it. Also, there are books and artworks that inspire us. Did you notice the melting disco ball and huge lollipops by Rotganzen?

After a hard day of work, we can relax on the couch while sipping a drink from our liquor cabinet. We want our office to be a place with a positive, inspiring vibe where our team likes to come to work and feels at home. We even have provided for a play corner in case children appear in the office.



A cupboard much talked about

It is hard not to notice the golden Glasbak that is the showpiece of our kitchen. It was part of our award-winning campaign with Studio Lernert & Sander and De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Now it serves as a surprising cupboard and a striking eye-catcher. Every day again, it puts a smile on our face while preparing lunch.

The golden Glasbak actually is the first thing you see when entering the Arttenders universe. As much of our clients come from rather traditional, corporate work environments, we’d like to show them the result of daring to make bold decisions. As stated before, “subtleness isn’t always the best answer.”

Be our guest

Located next to the main room is our meeting room where you can have exciting gatherings, surrounded by artworks. The walls are covered in gradient, black and white Studio Spass tapestry that you might recognize from the CIC project. The other wall shows Lieke Janssens photo’s from the ‘40 Jaar Glasbak - Doe het Lekker Zelf’-campaign and the ultimate pièce de résistance in this area is the giant wheelbarrow-chandelier by Hans van Bentem, who’s work we adore.

Good news for all of those who are jealous of our office: it’s for rent! Do you need an inspiring setting for your next presentation or event? Contact us!  We’d love to help you out.