Contraband 3.0 // The Game by Arno Coenen & Iris Roskam

  • Title
    • Contraband 3.0 - The Game (2017)
  • Artist
    • Arno Coenen & Iris Roskam
  • Project management
    • Arttenders
  • Client
    • Central Government Real Estate Agency
  • Commissioned by
    • Dutch Taxes and Customs
  • Location
    • Container Inspection Site, Maasvlakte II, Rotterdam
On the location of the Container Inspection Site Maasvlakte ll in the Port of Rotterdam, Arno Coenen & Iris Roskam created an immersive customized mural to honor the work of the Dutch Taxes and Customs and the fundamental role of the port in shaping the city’s identity.
As an addition to the two-dimensional work, Arttenders assisted in finding a party to create a digital layer for this artwork in the form of an app. By downloading the Arno & Iris 3000 app and pointing your phone towards the mural, the symbols on this work of art come to life.

Photo credit: Lorem Ipsum Dolor

An ode to complex activities

In a far corner of Maasvlakte II, Port of Rotterdam, you will find the Container Inspection Site, managed by the Dutch Taxes and Customs. They commissioned Arno Coenen & Iris Roskam to create a graphic mural for the canteen of their new build project.

Arno & Iris created the artwork Contraband 3.0: The Game to show the complex activities at this location. To make this two-dimensional mural come to live, we also created an app that shows the hidden activities of the inspection site.

State of the art technology

Visitors can point The Arno and Iris 3000 App at the mural. By using the app on any image of the mural, an additional layer of the artwork is revealed. The layer refers to the activities of the inspection site, which operates state of the art technology that scans containers entering Europe via the port of Rotterdam for hidden contraband.

To create this app, we teamed up with 3D animator Michiel van Iperen who already supported the artists with the inner facade of the Markthal Rotterdam in 2015. Arttenders managed the production process of the artwork and the creation of thuis app, in close collaboration with the artists and all other stakeholders involved.

The app is available in the App Store and on Google Play.