Meet Oddie - the Floriade AR adventure

  • Title
    • Meet Oddie (2021)

    • Design
       MVRDV x Arttenders x Alex Verhaest
  • Client
    • Floriade 2022, Dura Vermeer, Amvest
  • In collaboration with
    • Artishock
  • Location
    • Floriade 2022
  • Photography
    • Joep Photo
  • Special thanks to Tom Trapp, Leo Stuckhardt

Enter the world of Oddie! Meet Oddie is a special AR adventure developed for Floriade 2022 by MVRDV, Arttenders and Alex Verhaest in which art, technology, and flora meet. Oddie takes you to a botanical world where the masterplan designed by MVRDV of the Floriade 2022, the tower Flores, and the artwork Sympoiesis come to life through augmented reality. Come and immerse yourself in the scale and details of all plants and flowers!



Meet Oddie

In his tour, Oddie brings the layers of the artwork and its relationship to the Floriade to life. If you look down you see the masterplan of the Floriade Expo 2022, designed by MVRDV. It contains an alphabetically planted arboretum that shows an enormous diversity of Dutch plants and flowers. And look: in the middle you see the tower, designed by Klunder Architects, with a facade full of plants. This facade is an artistic translation of the arboretum designed by MVRDV, Arttenders, and Alex Verhaest as a permanent icon of the Floriade Expo 2022. The tower has become the central point of the Hortus district. If you look around you, you will see that the work is made up of hundreds of different plant species. Can you spot your favorite? If you want to know more, Oddie will guide you at the end of the tour to the website, where you can find even more information about the artwork, the tower, and the arboretum.


MVRDV, Arttenders and Alex Verhaest created Sympoiesis. The forty three-metre high artistic facade of the central tower of Floriade Expo 2022 is a brand new icon for the city of Almere and represents the plants and flowers from the arboretum surrounding the tower.

Both the title and the way the artwork is created represent the ultimate symbiosis of nature, man, and technology. The central tower on the Floriade event site was designed by Klunder Architects. The masterplan of the decennial international horticultural expo was developed by Winy Maas from MVRDV. Expressing this edition’s theme (growing green cities), plants take over the tower that will be housing staff of the festival. Afterward, this tower becomes a residential building in the brand new Almere city district called Hortus.

An extensive play of lines in the legend shows which plants are depicted in the composition and where they are to be found in the arboretum.

More information about the artwork can be found on the accompanying interactive website of Sympoiesis. Commissioned by the municipality of Almere it functions as an interactive website as a storytelling tool that revolves around how the artwork was designed. On this website, Sympoiesis is the source of all knowledge and meaning enshrined within the Artwork and its surroundings.

Curiosity sparked? Immerse yourself in the sea of flowers and plants during the Floriade by scanning the QR-code at the Floriade Expo 2022 or anywhere in the world by going to or visit

Meet Oddie is designed by MVRDV, Arttenders and Alex Verhaest commissioned by Floriade Expo 2022, development collaboration Amvest - Dura Vermeer and City of Almere