Arttenders speaks about art and business at Open Monumentencongres

  • Event
    • Open Monumentencongres 2018
  • Topic
    • Cultural/corporate collaborations
  • Client
    • Herita
  • Location
    • Iers College, Leuven (BE)
On 15 March 2018 Herita organized the Open Monumentencongres in Leuven, Belgium. Arttenders was invited to give a talk on Art&Business: sponsorships, partnering and co-creation. Arttenders' Siobhan Burger is an expert in connecting art and business and teaches the public how to strategically approach the corporate world with cultural collaborations.


Open Monumenten- congres 2018

This is the fourth annual conference initiated by Herita, a Flemish organization for cultural heritage. Amongst others, the themes of 2018 are heritage development and management & finance. The line-up for this day consists of break-out sessions with inspiring examples from various national and international organizations.

The Open Monumentencongres is the place to be for cultural heritage organizations to learn and exchange ideas. Arttenders was invited give a talk on what we know best: combining art and business for durable collaborations.

Art&Business: sponsorships, partnering and co-creation

Sponsoring has become a common source of income within the cultural field. But how do you set up a strategic collaboration with the commercial market? Through several cases we showed our audience how to get to a successful partnership in 7 steps.

Our talk is aimed at inspiring the audience to look for new types of collaborations, specifically by using the power of storytelling through site-specific art interventions.