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Moderator Pitcher Perfect 010 | 2019 V1

  • Event
    • Pitcher Perfect 010
  • Date
    • May 10, 2019
  • Role Arttenders
    • Moderator
  • Commissioned by
    • Gemeente Rotterdam
  • Location
    • 't Klooster, Rotterdam
Pitcher Perfect 010 is a structural subsidy granted by the Municipality of Rotterdam. With two pitches a year, this innovative trajectory towards subsidies is designed to support visionary initiators with great cultural projects in their minds. Arttenders' Siobhan Burger was invited for the second time to be the moderator of the evening.
Alderman Said Kasmi opened the second edition of Pitcher Perfect 010

Arttenders Pitcher Perfect 010 2019.jpg
Photo credits: Gemeente Rotterdam

Public money for grassroots initiators

Pitcher Perfect 010 was established in response to give grassroots initiatives in Rotterdam opportunity to blossom. These initiatives are essential to enrich the identity of the city. However, it might be challenging for them to fit in the existing subsidy structure for cultural organisations.

For this reason Pitcher Perfect 010 offers an easily accessible grant to initiatives that don't fit in in the traditional structures towards public money.

Room for diversity

During the evening each participant has the chance to pitch a project in five minutes. Alderman of Culture and Tourism Said Kasmi opened the night. It is one of the steps in his ambition to make art and culture accessible for a wider audience.

"Ranging from photography to nature and youth culture, the crowd and the initiatives were just as diverse as the city is", says Siobhan.

After the great success of last edition, this year 65 registrations were sent. Siobhan hosted the event, in which the first pitchers that signed up presented their ideas. The initiatives value each others projects and decide who brings the money home.

A total of 90,000 euro is divided amongst ten winners, making this "a very easy and positive way to get money", says Brandon J. Taylor (one of the winners).

Among the participants this year there were also some delegates from the Municipality of Zwolle interested in this new way of funding. The city in fact is planning on borrowing the idea of Pitcher Perfect 010 as well!

Arttenders Pitcher Perfect 010 2019.jpg

Arttenders Pitcher Perfect 010 2019.jpg