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Art at Work Project

Without the humor and iconic pop interventions of Rotganzen no space is finished. We therefore invited them to create landmarks in the maze of corridors at CIC as part of the CICxArttenders Art at Work Project. They created ‘Work’: an opportunity for entrepreneurial reflection in the shape of pizza, champagne and successful business deals.

Rotganzen x Art at work

Rotganzen is a post-pop art and design company led by Robin Stam and Joeri Horstink. These Rotterdam-based artists, who grew up in the suburbs of the city, developed since they were kids the necessity of creating something outstanding. They look at the world from a different angle and this way they manage to create something extraordinary out of the ordinary!

For the CICxArttenders Art at Work Project they help people find their way in the corridors of the big space, creating some entertaining artworks. They used mirrors and pop-style symbols, are you curious to walk through art? At CIC it is possible!

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  • Applied artwork at CIC Rotterdam in the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam. Photography by Ossip van Duivenbode
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Images courtesy of CIC and Arttenders

Rotganzen on “Work”

“With this project we literally want to hold up a mirror for the entrepreneur. Most of the time young and ambitious entrepreneurs are often so focused on themselves and on their company/product/service they forget to take time to reflect. While self reflection is an essential element for a starting enterprise.

The mirrors are carried out in a variety of different recognisable, colourful images. These images symbolise differing aspects of the office life of the entrepreneur. Celebration, frustration, collaboration, stress, making profit, thinking positive, reaching targets etc. For each of 12 key locations we designed a specific pop-art mirror installation, allowing it to function as a landmark as well.”

About the Art at Work Project

The Art at Work Project consists of a series of creative spaces in the CIC offices. These spaces are customized by various artists in collaboration with Arttenders through different forms of applied arts. This creates immersive and inspirational rooms, where entrepreneurs can meet, be inspired, work and socialize.

More information about the Art at Work Project can be found on the project page.

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