Artistic playground in Almere Buiten

  • Title
    • Baltimore Bend
  • Concept & Production
    • Arttenders
  • Creative
    • Arttenders x Studio Spass
  • animations
    • Lize Korpershoek
  • Video
    • Amanda Harput
  • Client
    • Municipality of Almere
    • Almere Buiten District
  • website

The word is out! In 2021, Arttenders and Studio Spass will conquer Baltimoreplein in Almere Buiten district, commissioned by the municipality of Almere. After a sketch competition in which four concepts were anonymously presented to the public, the design titled Baltimore Bend won the voting on

In collaboration with Het Buitenhuis Almere, videographer Amanda Harput and illustrator Lize Korpershoek, we have announced the winning design in a video with alderman Hilde van Garderen.



Baltimore Bend by Arttenders x Studio Spass


The municipality of Almere asked for an appealing place to stay in the urban scenery, which also serves as a playground.

While working together with Studio Spass, we came to an eye-catching design that tickles the imagination of every visitor. The cut-out shapes in the artwork are referring to the city of Almere, its water and its architecture, but also challenge the viewers to let their fantasy run wild. When looking at it closely, one might even discover an elephant with a trunk that serves as a slide!

Baltimore Bend doesn’t play by the rules. It’s not a playground as you know it, meandering through the thicket, with benches in shapes you have never seen before. The bright color is appealing to all kinds of people: children that want to discover and play, young people that are looking for a nice place to hang out, and older people that need a place to meet, rest and watch the youth play. Doesn’t everyone want to take pictures with this sleek artwork in the background?


The great thing about the Verover het Baltimoreplein-project is the fact that it allowed us to give you a sneak peek into our workflow. When creating functional artworks and experiences, we always work with multiple artists at the same time. That way, our clients have different artistic styles to choose from in the end. In the sketching phase, we capture the answers to questions asked by the client in an overall concept and creative artwork, in close collaboration with each artist.

For this project, that means we also collaborated with Maarten Baas on Liquid Landscape, Studio Maky on Park Fructose and Erik Fakkeldij on De Golf.

The results of the sketching phase normally stay uncovered. These concepts are all ‘work in progress’. After deciding over the final design, one sketch always gets developed down to the smallest detail and executed.

In a mini-series of four blogs, we elaborated on the four designs for the Verover het Baltimoreplein-project. Keep an eye on our news section to stay up to date with Arttenders’ workflow!


The professional jury called the Arttenders x Studio Spass-design eye-catching and useful in many ways. "The design of Studio Spass is a beautiful combination of park, games and art," councilor Hilde van Garderen claims.

Now that the choice has been made, it is up to us and Studio Spass to further develop the concept into a fully-fledged work of art.

To be continued!


Baltimore Bend by Arttenders x Studio Spass