Guest Lecturer Arts and Cultural Policy

  • Title
    • Guest Lecturer Arts and Cultural Policy
  • Commissioned by
    • Art and Culture Studies, Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Location
    • Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Arts and Culture Studies department of Erasmus University Rotterdam has asked alumna and Arttenders' founder Siobhan Burger to host guest lectures as part of the course Introductie Kunst- en Cultuurbeleid (Introduction to Arts and Cultural Policy).

Since 2016 Siobhan Burger has been a regular guest lecturer of the program.

2017: International perspective on cultural policy: The U.S. versus NL

National cultural policy is rooted in the history of a country. For the research 'The Future of Corporate Sponsorship in the Arts: a Dutch Corporate Perspective' Siobhan Burger dug into the social, economical and political histories of the Netherlands and the United States. For the 2017 guest Lecture she talked about how these histories impact national and local  policymaking on culture.

2018: Shaping cultural policy on a local level: The International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board on Culture that took place in 2017 is a great example on how cultural organizations and entrepreneurs have collaborated to identify important aspects, struggles and challenges of the cultural field in Rotterdam.

As a member of the Advisory Board, in her 2018 lecture Siobhan elaborated on the proces of the Advisory Board, and how as an individual or collective you can engage in local policy making structured to shape the cultural field.

2019: Culture as integrated tool for policymaking

For the 2019 lecture students were inspired on how culture is interwoven with all other fields of policymaking on a municipal level, ranging from urban planning to education. It underlined why it is important to understand not only the intrinsic value of arts and culture, but also the practical value and how policymakers can use this as a tool and answer for challenges on other topics.