'The Golden Age' by Ian Kirkpatrick

  • Title
    • The Golden Age (2018)
  • Artist
    • Ian Kirkpatrick (UK)
  • Art consultant
    • Arttenders
  • Project management
    • Arttenders
  • Commissioned by
    • Provast
  • In collaboration with
    • Powerhouse Company, Reclameatelier Leo Mineur
  • Location
    • Amsterdam

The Golden Age is an artwork of great color and detail by Canadian artist Ian Kirkpatrick. It is located at the residential entrance of the newly built Amstel Tower in Amsterdam. This artwork came into existence through a clear inquiry from Provast. This project developer knows the potential of applied arts in real estate development and was looking for a mural inspired by the paintings of Peter Alma in the nearby Amstel Station. Arttenders matched Provast with Kirkpatrick because of his signature iconographic style.


Photo credits: Pim Top

Art for real estate

The Amstel Tower, located in Amsterdam, is a multi-purpose building with apartments, a hotel, parking and restaurants. Real estate developer Provast added the artwork as a gift to future residents of the building and investor Vesteda. Provast is known as project developer of the Markthal Rotterdam. The Markthal gained international media attention thanks to the awe-inspiring artwork by artists Arno Coenen en Iris Roskam. Therefore, Provast recognizes the potential and importance of applied arts in real estate development.

Provast had a clear inquiry for the residential entrance: a mural inspired by the historic paintings of Peter Alma located in the adjacent Amstel Station. Alma’s technique is fresco-like, with soft colors. The historic public artwork refers to urban living and transportation. These themes are still relevant nowadays, and were a source of inspiration in the design of the mural for the Amstel Tower.

Referencing past, present and future

Arttenders carefully selected Canadian artist Ian Kirkpatrick to create a contemporary homage to the historic paintings by Peter Alma. For these monumental murals Alma used a mineral paint, giving the painting a characteristic hue. For Kirkpatrick's work in the Amstel Tower, artisanal craftsmen executed the work in a mineral paint, painting each layer by hand.

Kirkpatrick's concept presents a vision of the Amstel Tower at the intersection of Amsterdam's past, present and future. The painting combines these themes to present a contemporary vision of urban life in our global, interconnected era. The artwork employs his signature iconographic style to describe the history of Dutch transportation and architecture. It includes references to works by famous Dutch Masters, such as Hieronymus Bosch, MC Escher and Vincent van Gogh.

This project is created to answer a recurring search for identity enhancing art interventions that create added value in real estate and area development. Visitors of the area can enjoy the artwork due to its impressive dimensions and the glass façade in the building. The Golden Age is a landmark to encounter while commuting, or to come home to.

Go here to see pictures of the festive unveiling of Kirkpatrick's work!

Photo credits: Arttenders