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Studio Spass

What do you get when you challenge artists to design an entire space? We wondered and collaborated with Studio Spass to design the ‘Urban Jungle’ themed living room of the second wing of the office spaces of CIC Rotterdam for the series of site specific interventions for the CIC x Arttenders Art at Work Project.

Studio Spass x Art at Work

Studio Spass is a Rotterdam-based agency founded by Jaron Korvinus and Daan Mens in 2008. The studio creates visual identities, campaigns, and installations and has an instantly recognizable visual language which goes well beyond the conventional perception of space, color, and shape. Through interplay with forms and shapes of the objects combined with hard-edge aesthetics Studio Spass proves that design can and should be fun.

For the Art at Work Project they were challenged to propose a contemporary interpretation of an Urban Jungle. Breaking with the usual association with flora and fauna the artists have transformed the living room into an abstract garden. The inspiration came from the Burle Marx’s quote: “A garden is a complex of aesthetic and plastic intentions; and the plant is, to an artist not only a plant – rare, unusual, ordinary or doomed to disappearance but also a color a shape”.

They created an abstract interpretation of the skyline of a contemporary cityscape and used it as the pattern for the walls, covering it not by using wallpaper but tailor made printed carpet! The combination of tailored and existing furniture creates intimate spaces, emphasizing the organic shapes of the ‘sculptures’. Their choice for bold colors make that all elements work together, creating an aesthetic and harmonic composition within the space.

Daan and Jaron about ‘Urban Jungle’

About the Art at Work Project

The Art at Work Project consists of a series of creative spaces in the CIC offices in Rotterdam. These spaces are costumized by various artists in collaboration with Arttenders through different forms of applied arts. This creates immersive and inspirational rooms, where entrepreneurs can meet, be inspired, work and socialize.

Artists Iwan Smit, Sigrid Calon, Rotganzen, Studio Maky, Roel van Eekelen and Luuk Bode and Studio Spass designed brand enhancing interventions throughout the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam. Find more images and share your experience on social media using #cicxarttenders and #artatworkproject

Images courtesy of CIC and the Artists

The Art at Work Project in Rotterdam is made possible in collaboration with Kraaijvanger Architects and Design Brokers.


  • Collaboration
  • Artist selection
  • Project Management
  • Interior design
  • Creative office space


CIC Rotterdam
Groot Handelsgebouw
Rotterdam, The Netherlands


CIC Rotterdam
Kraaijvanger Architects
Design Brokers

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