Iwan Smit for CIC x Arttenders Art at Work Project

  • Title
    • Olympic Wasteland (2016)
  • Artist
    • Iwam Smit
  • Art Consultant, creative director
    • Arttenders
  • Production, project management
    • Arttenders
  • Commissioned by
    • Cambridge Innovation Center
  • In collaboration with
    • Kraaijvanger Architects, Design Brokers, Poly Products
  • Location
    • Groot Handelsgebouw, Rotterdam

Iwan Smit's proposal became the first of a series of creative spaces at CIC as part of our CIC X Arttenders Art at Work Project. CIC wanted to offer their entrepreneurs a communal space in which they can relax and play games, otherwise known as the Game Room. For CIC and Arttenders, Iwan Smit created an installation titled 'Olympic Wasteland'.

Iwan Smit is an artist extraordinaire in the Rotterdam art scene. He can be identified by his bold and unique style. His colorful mind unfolds through illustrations, sculptures and paintings. He describes: "Olympic Wasteland depicts a landscape once occupied by athletes. What remains is this serene world where long forgotten artifacts transform their surroundings in a garden of sculptures."


Images courtesy of CIC and Iwan Smit, photographs by Pim Top and Richard Theemling Photography

About the Art at Work Projects

The Art at Work Project consists of a series of creative spaces in the CIC offices in Rotterdam. These spaces are customized by various artists in collaboration with Arttenders through different forms of applied arts. This creates immersive and inspirational rooms, where entrepreneurs can meet, be inspired, work and socialize. Find more images and share your experience on social media using #cicxarttenders and #artatworkproject

Overview of the Art at Work Project

  • Composition in Mosaic #1 by Sigrid Calon
  • Geometric Compositions by Roel van Eekelen
  • Olympic Wasteland by Iwan Smit
  • Pandorama by Luuk Bode
  • Unusual Volume by Studio Spass
  • Work by Rotganzen
  • WC Wonderland - Happy Drips & Stains by Studio Maky
  • Image