We proudly present our new Arttender: Rasima Isaeva


Rasima believes that the best way to build a career is to invest time into getting to know how the industry works. We couldn’t agree more! Her internship as an assistant project manager at Arttenders is a chance  gain international working experience and to learn how art and business work together in the real world. Her interest in art, music … Read More

We proudly present two new Arttenders: Evita Verbrugge and Willem Musch

Siobhan BurgerNews

We are excited to have two new champs on our team. Willem Musch was seeking a change of scenery after his year in real estate, and Evita Verbrugge just wants to know all about combining art and business. Well, it looks like they came to the right place! Evita Verbrugge Evita Verbrugge is a second-year student International Bachelor Arts & Culture … Read More