New to the fam: Rutger Schönfeld


Meet a new member of our family: Rutger SchönfeldRutger is our new Social Designer, with a love for embodiment design and a strong drive to make people around him perform at a higher level.

Graduated as an industrial designer at the TU Delft, he has 4 years of working experience at start-ups and OEM’s. As a design engineer,  he has a solid technical foundation which will help us to make better judgements during the production phase of our projects. Having previously designed air compressors for the shipping industry, he specifically approached Arttenders because he missed the human centered approach in his work. His parallel occupation of being a design coach at the TU Delft will help us guiding new interns in the long term.

Rutger is based in Dordrecht since 2020, living there with his girlfriend and in the vicinity of her family. Slowly becoming part of Dordrecht’s community, he aims to create a foothold for Arttenders within the city. He loves to cook and play his guitar in his spare time. You can always approach him for any sartorial advice.

There are a lot of cool projects going on and Rutger is very excited to lift both his own and Arttenders’s capabilities to an even higher level!

Welcome Rutger!