New Intern: Natalie Beunk


Meet our new Arttenders team member Natalie Beunk (26). She likes the finer things in life like movies, art, design, food and travel. Although these days it is more dreaming of than actual traveling of course.

The coming 5 months she will write an advisory report about communications with municipalities for Arttenders. There are multiple projects that Arttenders is doing right now that are of interest for her research. Collaboration with municipalities is a thing Arttenders really likes, and wants to continue in the future. That is why we want to bring our communication strategies to a next level. We are looking forward to her perspective and her findings in how to strengthen our communications.

As a business student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences she is eager to learn more about the intersection of art and commerce. She would like to get a grasp of what the future of the art world can look like through innovative concepts and ideas. She thinks Arttenders is the right place to learn about this. When working on several Arttenders projects that are taking shape in te coming months she will learn a lot. Natalie will work, among others, on the Baltimore Bend for the municipality of Almere and on The Shape of Rotterdam for the municipality of Rotterdam. Within these projects there is much to learn like stakeholder management, communication and strategy development. All very relevant in combining the art world and commerce and for her research.

We’d like to welcome Natalie to the team and are looking forward to working with her!