New to the fam: Kika Lamers


Meet the latest addition to the Arttenders team: Kika Lamers. Kika is our new Social Designer, with a love for stakeholder happiness and a strong interest in the technique behind an object.

Graduated as an industrial designer at the TU Delft, she has 10 years of working experience at both start-ups and large global firms. As an innovation consultant, she always started with advocating user-centered design. She enjoyed designing food trucks and modular sustainable buildings in roles close to the end users and to the manufacturing process at the same time.

Kika is Rotterdam (Noord) based since 2014, where their apartment is stuffed with her DIY-projects for the two kids, like a shopping counter and a dollhouse with treehouse. She likes hiking holidays as much as binge watching series.

There are a lot of cool projects going on and Kika is very excited to accompany Arttenders to the next chapter!

Welcome Kika!