We proudly present two new Arttenders: Evita Verbrugge and Willem Musch

Siobhan BurgerNews

We are excited to have two new champs on our team. Willem Musch was seeking a change of scenery after his year in real estate, and Evita Verbrugge just wants to know all about combining art and business. Well, it looks like they came to the right place!

Evita Verbrugge

Evita Verbrugge is a second-year student International Bachelor Arts & Culture Studies (IBACS) at Erasmus University. Excited to get her nose out of the study books for a while and ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work in the actual field! For a long time, she thought of becoming an artist herself, until she figured out she prefers to be surrounded by creations of others rather than her own. She is fascinated by how people deal with space -in the widest sense of the word-  and what position art takes in it.

As a firm believer that art and business make an excellent combination she figured an internship at Arttenders is the perfect fit for her. As a project-management intern, she hopes to get a better understanding of everything that goes on in a creative start-up company and she expects that working with two business women with a passion for art will be a valuable learning experience.

Willem Musch

Willem is the new assistant project manager at Arttenders.  He is a driven individual who likes to think big and create a beautiful end product. Due to his experience in real estate he has worked with many architects and interior designers in order to understand the latest trends in creative office space and design. He is a firm believer that art, in its many forms, can play a larger role in the built environment.

He studied at Edinburgh and Cambridge University in the UK and hopes to add an international dimension to the projects of Arttenders. He will research opportunities in the German real estate market and assist in managing several of our ongoing projects. In his spare time Willem travelled all over the world and likes to learn about new languages and cultures.