Sofia Gilioli

Our new Arttender: Sofia Gilioli

Siobhan BurgerNews

We proudly present our newest Arttender: Sofia Gilioli


Sofia is our new Media and Communications intern!  She recently moved her nest from Turin, a city down the Italian Alps, to Rotterdam. She could not imagine herself working in a field other than the artistic one! She studies Arts and Cultural Studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam while trying to find answers to the art-related issues and develop a critical mindset.

Arttenders represents the perfect opportunity for her as it means working with fresh and stimulating projects where she can actually get involved and learn a lot, which is her main goal. She is eager to help developing the big variety of ongoing projects and research about new possibilities. She is currently working on improving our online presence and involved in many of our projects.

Sofia is always up for learning while challenging her knowledge and she loves working while listening to some good music.