CIC Rotterdam Creative Office Design (Game Room)

We cordially invite you to the opening of CIC Rotterdam on June 16th!

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CIC Game Room - Iwan Smit

Image Courtesy of Iwan Smit

We are proud to announce the launch of the first room of the Art at Work Project. In collaboration with CIC Rotterdam, we are creating a series of immersive artworks in their premium flexible office spaces at Groot Handelsgebouw Rotterdam.

CIC x Arttenders Art at Work Project

During the opening of the first 1.000 m2 of the offices on June 16th, we will be launching the immersive artwork ‘Olympic Wasteland’ by artist Iwan Smit. Iwan states:

“Olympic Wasteland depicts a landscape once occupied by athletes. What remains is a serene world where long forgotten artifacts transform their surroundings in a garden of sculptures.”

We’d like to invite you to join us for the unveiling of the first space in the CIC x Arttenders Art at Work Project during the Open House on Thursday, June 16th from 15:00 – 17:00 followed by a toast at the weekly Venture Cafe Meet Up at 17:00.

Together with Iwan Smit we will talk more about the project and celebrate the opening of the Art at Work. RSVP now – there is only a limited space!

20160502_gameroom v1

Image Courtesy of Iwan Smit

RSVP HERE to join us on the 16th

About Arttenders

Arttenders connects art with business. They develop strategic solutions in various settings ranging from matchmaking, concept development, site specific applied arts, identity enhancement and innovative sponsorship strategies in collaboration with the arts.

About Iwan Smit

Iwan Smit (1989) is an Artist Extraordinaire in the Rotterdam art scene.His colorful mind unfolds through illustrations, sculptures and paintings. He is thus usually recognized by his bold and unique style.

About CIC Rotterdam

CIC’s mission is to change the world through innovation. To achieve the goal, they develop ecosystems that allow exceptional entrepreneurs to create new products and companies better and faster. They provide infrastructure (high quality, flexible office space) and by actively building startup communities in the premium locations of future-focused cities.