CHIO wins FEI European Championship 2019 bid!

Siobhan BurgerNews

You think art is a lot of horsing around? Arttenders is working together with CHIO Rotterdam (Concours Hippique International Officiel) to prove you wrong! With the dedication by CHIO Rotterdam and their partners, Rotterdam is the location of upcoming 2019 European FEI Championships. Rotterdam, get ready to be stampeded with beautiful horses and their following! 

CHIO Rotterdam & City Dressing  

Arttenders is the cultural partner of this event. We will be providing the city dressing throughout the city of Rotterdam in the year of 2019. The FEI Championship takes place in Kralingen, but Arttenders is committed to engulf the entire city during this event.

Involving art and culture has been spearheading the plans of CHIO Rotterdam from the start. Since Siobhan and Faye are in the midst of this sector, they were asked to contribute their expertise and skills. We are currently working out concrete plans with our partners Nice to Meet You and 010Works. It should come as no surprise that Arttenders ideally wants to make a long-lasting impact on the city.

Why involve Art?

The art and cultural field are the ideal means to connect people and partners (both social and commercial) from all disciplines and walks of life. Involving professional artists can create 2D or 3D interventions that will resonate in society, and possibly go deeper and involve educational and/or social institutions. This connecting factor means that people who normally would not or cannot, engage in conversation with each other. This exchange results in new partnerships, sponsor opportunities and of course new friendships which can only further benefit all partners involved and the city as a whole.