Marco, Ioanna and Joby on board!

Marco, Ioanna and Joby on board!

Siobhan BurgerNews

Our team keeps growing and we are loving it! We are so proud to announce three Arttenders’ new colleagues who work with us to serve you more art. Below you will find some short bio’s & info about Ioanna Koubarou, Joby Chang and Marco Lambooij.

Marco Lambooij

Marco Lambooij is a Dutch creative soul with a passion for communication. No wonder he assists us with all outgoing texts and visual imaging for Arttenders. He is a big fan of what Arttenders does and is eager to learn more about the art world, project management and communication. Marco has a background in Japanese studies & Conflict Studies, but secretly always love everything art-related. After having lived in Japan & Bosnia, he returned to the Netherlands and fell in love with Rotterdam where he now happily lives with his partner & dog. Marco keeps a photography blog, check it out here!

Ioanna Koubarou

We proudly present Ioanna Koubarou, who is supporting our team as our Media and Communications intern. Five months ago she moved from the loud and colorful Athens to the not so loud but beautiful Capelle. She has studied Economics and she is now pursuing her Marketing Management masters in RSM. Her passion for both art and business led her to join Arttenders with their latest projects and learn more about culture, art and design along the way.

Ioanna wants to live in a vibrant world filled with art and poetry, books that come bundled with chocolate and extra time for naps.

Joby (Pei-Lun) Chang

Currently studying MSc Marketing Management at the RSM Rotterdam, Joby is a multipotentialite who is always attracted by new wonders. Before joining Arttenders, she was working with fast-paced entrepreneurs. This was when she found out how much she enjoys the adrenaline when challenging tasks are coming. If asked about the most addictive thing in the world, she would definitely answer the mysteries of humans: the thoughts, feelings and behaviors. That is why she can’t stop falling for art where stories happen and would like to make art more approachable in all corners of life.

Oh, and “Joby” actually means being playful in Taiwanese. So if you can’t find her in a huge crowd (because she’s so tiny), just follow where the laughter is!