Amsterdam Oersoep

Amsterdam Oersoep nominated for the NRW Marketing Award 2017 and the MIPIM Award for best Urban Regeneration!

Siobhan BurgerNews

Amsterdam Oersoep

We always like to emphasize the marketing value of applied arts in real estate development and transformation projects to clients. So as you understand, we are undoubtedly thrilled to announce the nomination of Amsterdam Oersoep for two prestigious awards. They are: MIPIM Award for Best Urban Regeneration AND the NRW Marketing Award!

We congratulate artists Arno Coenen, Iris Roskam and Hans van Bentem on their efforts on creating this mediagenic artwork. Congratulations also to the communication team of Bouwinvest (extra kudos for Ines van Steenbergen!) and the team of Urban Solutions. We are proud to have been the international communication partner. Our efforts ended up resulting in almost 30 international publications; from South-Africa to Korea, from online publications to great print media!

MIPIM 2017 – Nominated for best Urban Regeneration

The Amsterdam Oersoep project in Amsterdam created by Arno Coenen, Iris Roskam and Hans van Bentum was nominated for a MIPIM Award (le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier), in the category Best Urban Regeneration Project. On their website, MIPIM praises Amsterdam Oersoep/Nowadays by saying “The project involved a technically challenging transformation of the outmoded existing properties into 27,500 sqm of modern shopping space for leading international retail value brands. The buildings are joined by the Beurspassage that has become an iconic public space with stunning modern artwork.” It is thus self-explanatory that we are delighted that the hard work put in by all parties might be rewarded by MIPIM with this renowned award.

NRW Marketing Award Nomination

And the good news continues! Amsterdam Oersoep has also been nominated for the NRW Marketing Award. NRW (Nederlandse Raad Winkelcentra/ Dutch Council of Retail centers) unites experts, innovators and stakeholders in the world of retail. Amsterdam Oersoep/ Nowadays has been nominated for an NRW Marketing Award in the category ‘Repositioning And Brand Awareness’. NRW compliments the organization by stating “the project gained a lot of attention and popularity even before it was opened.”

Arttenders has been heavily involved in the generation of international media and PR for this project. We are therefore very happy to see that our efforts are not going unnoticed. Below we have listed some of the international press we have generated for the opening of this fantastic project.