Sneak peak inside Faye Ellen’s apartment with ‘Binnenstebuiten’

Siobhan BurgerPress

Binnenstebuiten meets Rotterdam-Noord

When you are true to your own style you stand out. Enough reason for a Dutch newspaper NRC to publish an article about how Faye Ellen redesigned her house in Rotterdam Noord in 2016. But now the national KRO-NCRV TV show Binnenstebuiten also picked up on Faye’s original and colorful taste!

The Dutch daily TV show Binnenstebuiten portrays unique, special and very well designed homes throughout the Netherlands. Each episode centers around one home. The episode on March 29th focused on the home of Faye Ellen and her partner Joost Kroon, in Rotterdam Noord. A place that almost a decade ago was considered a rough part of town. Still, Faye and Joost saw potential in what is now a bustling mix of bars, restaurants, shops and people of all kinds of different backgrounds. Now her house sits in the middle of one of the most popular areas of Rotterdam.

Golden Glitters, Art and the Arttenders office

Faye got in touch with the art scene at a very young age. Her mother owns an art gallery in Den Helder and in addition to doll houses and pixie dot dresses Faye was surrounded by art. This inspired her to pursue a career in the Arts by managing and furthering projects that put art in public spaces. This eventually lead her to start Arttenders together with Siobhan Burger. Understandably her house resembles a gallery space: she surrounds herself with a well curated and very personal selection of contemporary art and design. From beaded curtains from Faye and Joosts favorite Chinese restaurant Tai Wu, handmade tiles in the kitchen with icons to a golden glitter floor in the bathroom: they have it all 😉

Watch the episode of Binnenstebuiten HERE