Ian Kirkpatrick and Arttenders develop Mural for Provast in Amstel Tower

Siobhan BurgerNews

Provast is developing the Amstel Tower, a mixed purpose building, designed by Powerhouse Company, next to the Amstel Station in Amsterdam. In collaboration with Arttenders, artist Ian Kirkpatrick is designing a mural in the residential entrance of the building. Completion is scheduled at the end of 2017.

The Amstel Tower

Provast is one of the most renowned real estate developers in the Netherlands, perfectly weaving urban desires with individual comfort. Provast is internationally known as the project developer of the acclaimed collaboration of MVRDV with artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam in the Martkhal Rotterdam. They recognize the potential and importance of applied arts in real estate development. We are excited to work with them on their upcoming project: the Amstel Tower. This multi purpose tower is providing in the needs of contemporary city dwellers. It contains a residential building, but also hosts a brand new location of Meininger Hotels, a parking and restaurants.

The Amstel Tower it is located right next to river the Amstel, residents will be able to enjoy beautiful views over the river Amstel as well as plenty of restaurants, cafes, access to public transportation and plenty of other facilities.

Images courtesy Provast and Powerhouse Company

Mural, mineral paint and Peter Alma

Provast had a clear inquiry for the residential entrance: a mural inspired by the historic paintings by Peter Alma located in the adjacent Amstel Station. Alma’s fresco-like technique, usage of soft colors and portrayal of figures clearly depict his work as part of the 1930s, De Stijl and Art Deco movements. The historic artwork refers to urban living and transportation, themes that are still relevant nowadays, and were also a source of inspiration in the design of the Amstel Tower.

Original pictures of Peter Alma’s artwork in Amstel Station exhibition, on view in his retrospective in Museum Arnhem, 2017

The mural is going to be located at the residential entrance. It will not only be visible from within, but also from street level through an impressive glass facade. To stay close to the materialization of Peter Alma, we are collaborating with Reclameatelier Leo Mineur, a company with almost 100 years of experience in the field of applying advertorial images in public spaces. They will use Keim mineral paint for the application of the work. Arttenders is managing the entire process from concept development to realization for this project.

Introducing Ian Kirkpatrick

Based on the inquiry of Provast, Arttenders suggested to collaborate with artist Ian Kirkpatrick for this specific piece. Ian Kirkpatrick is a Canadian artist, currently working from the East Street Studios in Leeds (England). Kirkpatrick’s work can be described as a 3-dimensional graphic novel. He investigates contemporary imagery and pop culture and combines those with the communicative aspects of product packaging. By combining those, he creates myths that reflect contemporary society. His pictogram style of working and ability to combine different stories into a cohesive picture made him the perfect artist for this job.

Kirkpatrick his work has been shown in Europe and North-America. He created commissioned work for the Olympic Games in Londen in 2012 and the Tour de France Grand Depart in 2014. Recently he was awarded a year-long residency from the Leverhulme Trust at the Leeds Museums and Galleries to create new works. The mural in the Amstel Tower will be his first commissioned artwork in the Netherlands.

Artwork by Ian KirkpatrickSculpture by Ian Kirkpatrick, courtesy of the artist