Arttenders published in Elsevier Juist, Mei 2017: ‘Oude Ambachten, Nieuwe Technieken’

Siobhan BurgerPress

During the Nationaal Monumenten Congres 2016 in Rotterdam Arttenders asked artists and architects to inspire visitors with their practice. Journalist Annette Wiesman was captured by the craftsmanship in the art projects of Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam. It resulted in an extensive article on crafts in combination with contemporary techniques in public space and real estate development in the May 2017 edition of monthly magazine Elsevier Juist.

Annette interviewed Arno Coenen, Iris Roskam and Hans van Bentem on their arts practice and philosophy. Faye Ellen, co-founder of Arttenders elaborated a more on how Arttenders experiences a change in mentality in real estate development. Developers are increasingly looking for ways to stand out. Many of them are exploring the possibilities of applied arts for placemaking and identity purposes.

Architect Francine Houben, director of Mecanoo architects underlines that the visibility of local history and craftsmanship is adding to the user experience. The new train station in Delft therefore incorporates the historic map of the Delft, but is applied in a very contemporary way. But there is much more to gain for commissioned arts in public space. As artist Irma Boom says about her work in the Cuyperstunnel: she decided to create an immersive space instead of a small intervention. She had to convince her client on the potential impact, use of materials and additional costs, but the result is stunning!

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