Arttenders expansion: Marco and Hilde join the team

Siobhan BurgerNews

The office is getting more and more crowded. With Marco van Lenten on board as our senior project manager and Hilde Westerink as our communications manager we are ready to take the next step! We are happy to welcome them to our Arttenders’ team starting from August. Meet them here or drop by for a cup of coffee!

Marco van Lenten

With our project portfolio expanding also our need for an allround project manager was growing. And there was Marco! Marco van Lenten is joining Arttenders as our first senior project manager EVER. While working in the field of brand identity, spatial design and event production Marco has managed the most complex and varied types of assignments. A talent hard to find, but especially with our wide range of clients one on top of our wishlist!

Educated as a graphic designer, Marco turned to creative management in his own company kurzschuss and when working for contaìnr affaírs. He combines his insights in creative production with organizational skills, realizing that great teamwork drives a great project.

Next to his professional endeavors Marco is the genius behind several blogs and social media accounts. Marco’s passion for the arts keeps him on a continuous exploration which he shares on his blog Marco likes to watch.  He is also known as Phil Needs who masters to capture the beautiful ordinary and on I ♥ WEST he shares his love for his neighborhood and the best of what Rotterdam West has to offer.

Hilde Westerink

Hilde has an extensive background in art and media management. The past seven years she has worked for designers and publishers alike, always as a project slash communications manager. Her specialty is keeping several balls in the air while maintaining a smile. Starting from August she will be on board as our parttime communications manager, making sure all our projects get out there!

She is a freelance project manager and also the financial director of online magazine Vers Beton (in Dutch). Everything outside of the journalist content of our platform is her responsibility: from business strategy to basic administration, from fundraising to community management. She runs the ship together with two editors-in-chief. They are supported by a small editorial staff and a large group of volunteer professionals.

She states: “I’m an early bird and I love my coffee extremely hot. I’m an avid news follower. I’ve been quoting Sex & the City since 1999 and I’ve been avoiding the gym since 2015.” Starting 28 August she’ll be at our beautiful Arttenders office every Monday, more often if things get a little hectic.