Presenting the Arttenders Workflow by Projekt C

Siobhan BurgerNews

Artist Projekt C Designs our unique arttenders workflow

Arttenders was looking for a simple way to communicate our unique work flow in a clear, but also a highly esthetic manner. During our never ending search for new artist we were approached by artist Chris Versteeg a.k.a. Projekt C whom invited himself for a cup of coffee and a introduction to his work a while ago. We immediately fell in love with his handwriting and wondered if he would be the guy for the job!

Chris Versteeg a.k.a. Projekt C

Projekt C is a Rotterdam based design studio run by Chris Versteeg. Started in 2003 as a company for clean and simple graphic design, it gradually started to include illustration and painting (see the tab ‘undefined’). A day at the office can start with working on a serious magazine for the surface treatment industry, having lunch with neighbor Tom, skipping of to paint a wall or work on a canvas and end with working on infographics for a major Dutch technology university. Besides that, all spare hours are used to create self initiated work like paintings, posters and random illustrations. Projekt C also publishes a magazine called Street and More (SAM). Chris is also part of street art collective Lastplak.

Throughout his extensive career Chris has made numerous infographics. Fun fact: he has a thing for transportation and logistics. He had never before made an infographic for a company so close to his own métier. He really helped us choose the right humorous imagery to communicate our extensive process from a blank canvas to an immersive mind-is-blown applied art piece.

The Arttenders Method

For each project we have a set procedure in place in which we work. This helps us communicate clearly to our client, especially because a lot of our clients have never worked on an applied project in their lives! We therefore divided our workflow into several clear phases.

In the first phase of our projects we pick our client’s brain to help them find their voice in themes and imagery that come together in our illusive inspirational document. With our extensive knowledge of art imagery and cool projects from around the world we tend to push our clients just that little bit further out of their comfort zone. We inspire them to think further than the obligatory framework of a painting or pedestal of a statue. A wall is a cool place to start for an artwork, but how can it be part of its surroundings, the architecture, the legacy of the (public) space?! This is where the magic starts: by letting the artist work within guidelines but give them the space to surprise our clients with the unimagined!

Sketch phase

Arttenders knows as no other how to set the boundaries and frameworks without limiting the artist from doing what they do best. We use our unique tools to capture the needs, limitations and regulations of our clients and stakeholders, while maintaining the freedom of the artist to surprise. We provide our client with an extensive brief and tailored longlist with carefully selected artist. After we have drafted a clear idea of our client’s specific needs and brain waves we can move along in the first phase of the project: the sketch phase. In this phase our client, together with preferred stakeholders, selects two or more artists to make a sketch design based upon this extensive brief. After a few weeks the artist present their sketches in a pitch to the stakeholders and elaborate on their concept, idea for materialization and feasibility within the set boundaries of the brief. If necessary, the artist makes adjustments to there sketch and one of them is chosen to move along to the next phase.

Preliminary Design phase

In this phase the artist and Arttenders make a detailed proposal in combination with a budget, planning and feasibility study including demarcation. Depending on the scope of the assignment this phase could be left out if the adjustments made in the revision of the sketch phase are sufficient to move along to the Definitive Design phase.

Definitive Design phase

In this phase all final versions of documents such as contracts between (external) suppliers, final budgets and timeline are decided and approved. If necessary mockups are made and presented and warrantees periods together with intention of maintenance are determined. In close collaboration with the stakeholders Arttenders can also make a communication plan that attracts free publicity in relevant media outlets.

Execution phase

Arttenders can either be involved as project manager, contractor, advisor or a combination of these during the implementation of the design on site. The artist only works on the elements that could only be made by the hand of the artist. All other involved executions are done by specialist craftsmen or preferred suppliers from our client or stakeholders, of course in close collaboration with the artist. Arttenders could also advise or produce the opening of the project in collaboration with the team or one of our specialized partners.

Since we now have extensive visuals containing all different ingredients of all these phases of our workflow we are more than happy to walk you through! Please reach out to us to get to know more about our solutions for your unique project!