Crowd Force Rotterdam #11 Cultuur

Siobhan BurgerNews

On Monday, September 4 2017, 8 cultural entrepreneurs based in Rotterdam shared their entrepreneurial challenges with the crowd during the 11th edition of Crowd Force Rotterdam, organized by R’damse Nieuwe. As cultural chair, Arttenders’ Siobhan Burger co-hosted the event in Hofplein Theater Rotterdam.

Crowd Force Rotterdam

Crowd Force Rotterdam is an event where entrepreneurs share a specific entrepreneurial question with the crowd with the aim to get different ideas and perspectives to approach this challenge. This way both the crowd and the companies learn from each others experience to move forward. This edition was in line with the International Advisory Board on Culture (IABx), and therefore focused on cultural entrepreneurs and accompanied by a keynote by former prime minister of the Netherlands: Jan Peter Balkenende, who is also chairing the IABx.

Participating organizations

The 8 organizations participating in Crowd Force Rotterdam #11 were:

Hit Me Productions
3voor12 Rotterdam
Theater Netwerk Rotterdam
Hofplein Theater
Productiehuis FLOW
Miss Mengelmoes

As always R’damse Nieuwe captured the event in images that can be viewed through their Facebook page. Photo’s by Niké Dolman