Design for Waddenzeestraat approved by advisory committee Den Helder

Siobhan BurgerNews

In the beginning of 2015 Woningstichting Den Helder commissioned Arttenders to collaborate with Beltman Architecten on the design of the facade of the Waddenzeestraat in Den Helder. After their pitch Arno and Iris were selected as the artists. Now, several iterations down the road their design got approved by the advisory committee of Den Helder.

The project consists of the renovation of three apartment buildings. The entire outer facade will be renewed, including the artwork by Arno and Iris. The design by Arno and Iris reflects the nautic history of the city. Now the design has been approved Beltman Architects and Arno and Iris can start working on the implementation of the design!

All images courtesy of the artists