Festive Opening Triangular Grid at Kalverpassage

Siobhan BurgerNews

On April 20 2018 we celebrated the big reveal of a drastic renovation of the shopping mall Kalverpassage in the city centre of Amsterdam during a festive and exclusive opening party hosted by Kroonenberg Groep.

Image (fltr): Marco van Lenten, Faye Ellen, Sigrid Calon, Siobhan Burger & Hilde Westerink at the launch of ‘Triangular Grid’

The dynamic and ever changing light artwork by artist Sigrid Calon is constantly showing unique content due to a very complex set of parameters using weeks, days and hours in combination with colors, lumen and patterns. The LED Ceiling is an absolute eye catcher. The artwork changes whilst shopping and shows unique designs for at least ten years to come. To capture the work in all its beauty we created a brief showreel:

For the opening …,staat realized a spectacular pop-up shop for Sigrid’s work, selling limited edition merchandise such as scarfs and totebags and also the limited artist book published by Crown & Mountain. Arttenders contributed by writing the introductory chapter on the artwork, explaining the complex and ingenious concept behind the artwork.

Photo: Ewout Huibers

Photo: Ewout Huibers

This site-specific artwork is on view during opening hours of the Kalverpassage.