Launch website

Siobhan BurgerNews

As part of the national anniversary campaign for Glas in ‘t Bakkie 2018 Arttenders collaborated with our webdeveloper Skndal and FIT digital natives to give the online presence a new look and feel.

Different online environments

To accomodate an environment for the different target audiences we created two sections: one for the general public and one for stakeholders. The general landingspage mainly has one task: to inform consumers on the glass recycling procedure in the Netherlands. Since this is not a centrally governed procedure, but depending on municipal governance, the type of information that is needs to provide is not yet clear. Therefore a large searchbar is integrated in the webpage, making is easy to track what visitors are looking for on the webpage. This way it can grow organically, based on the demands of the visitor.

Unique content for municipalities

On the stakeholder page we offered the possibility for stakeholders in general and municipalities in particular, to join the national campaign. Part of the campaign included  ready-to-go personalized content for each municipality in the Netherlands. On the stakeholder environment those personalized toolkits could be accessed easily.

The publication of this online environment marked the start of the campaign!

Glasbak mee!