Venture Cafe Global Magazine interview with Arttenders
“You have to be a gutsy client if you want to work with us”


Arttenders is very proud to be featured in the first edition of Happen, the first edition of Venture Café’s global magazine! Venture Café Foundation builds innovation communities. Every week they host the largest innovation community event in Rotterdam. But Venture Cafe is also a global network, with locations in Miami, St. Louis, and Tokyo.

Recently, they started working on a brand-new suit of publications that showcases entrepreneurs associated with Venture Cafe. In an interview with editor Allison Babka, Faye Ellen en Siobhan Burger elaborate on their work as creative consultants.

We never do something twice

Says Babka: “Arttenders is on a mission to change how corporations and brands think about their spaces. Arttenders designs environments that delight visitors and employees alike while showcasing what a business stands for.

Sometimes you just want someone else to voice what you stand for, and this is exactly what we do! The article ends with a quote from Faye that perfectly captures the challenges we come across as creative agency:

You have to be a gutsy client if you want to work with us because normally clients want to see what they’re going to get. And that’s the picture we can’t show,” Ellen says. “We can reference projects we’ve worked on and we can show that they had a lot of effects on the space, on the brand, on the experience, but we’re never doing things twice. Everybody needs something that fits their own identity.

We absolutely love this interview and want to thank Venture Cafe for featuring us!