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Inspiration blog: Perfect Gifts For Art Lovers


The countdown to the most wonderful time of the year has started! It’s time for all of us to make a good start with our hunt for presents. To give you some inspiration, we selected unique and arty gifts that will surely make you the star of the holidays.

From special prints to limited edition socks to personalized neon lights, here is a list of our favorite items for big and small wallets. The perfect gift for your art loving friends and family might just be one click away! Warm holiday wishes from the Arttenders team.

Arttenders Heart Sygns

Photo Credits: Sygns

Sygns is a German digital design platform that brings neon back to its old glory. Through light, they create the best design experiences. Sygns offers their own installations up for sale, but most importantly they give you the freedom to create a neon sign with your own message.

Arttenders_Full Dose_Jonathan Adler_2019.jpg

Photo Credits. Jonathan Adler

Serve with art this year! “Pour l’art de vivre” we suggest you have a look at Amara. Treat yourself and your loved ones to some vibrant colors! For example, these porcelains by Jonathan Adler are a real delight that will up the dosage of your tablescape with some therapeutic fabulousness. 

Arttenders Art Oracles Katya Tylevich, Mikkel Sommer

Photo Credits: Laurence King

Just as art itself, “Art Oracles: Creative Life Inspiration from Great Artists” by Katya Tylevich and Mikkel Sommer is fun and (a bit) mystical. Each card is meant to combat creative blocks or simply boredom, by giving humorous yet profound advice inspired by the life of artists.

Arttenders The Gold Muse Collection Pency Ass Ceramics

Photo Credits: Pency Ass Ceramics

…and if the oracles don’t inspire you, turn to the Gold Muses by Pansy Ass Ceramics. Irreverent and (slightly) outrageous, their collection surely will fire up your gift list.

Arttenders Plant Wandschappen

Photo Credits: Wandschappen

Groos is a growing art gallery and gift shop in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Among innovative and cutting edge sculptures and prints, you will immediately be spoiled by a vast amount of beautiful products. We spotted this collection of felt plants by WANDSCHAPPEN.

Arttenders Good Night Stories Rebel Girls Favilli

Photo Credits: QueerBooks

Empowering, moving and inspirational. “Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls” by Elena Favilli is perfect for children and for adults. From Beyoncé to Marie Curie, it is an “anti-princess” fairy tale about great women that aimed high and fought harder. Not mushy at all. Together with amazing drawings this book makes everyone dream big! To keep you mind travelling through the power of storytelling, check the publisher’s page ROSE Stories.

Arttenders_The Discovery_Iwan Smit_2017.jpg

Photo Credits: Iwan Smit

Your artistic appetite is not satisfied yet? Iwan Smit is what you need. This young artist mixes ingredients from cartoons, fashion and mythology in colorful works filled with his boundless energy.

Arttenders_Socks_Alfredo Gonzalez_2019.jpg

Photo Credits: Alfredo Gonzalez

And if you wish to spend a little less on gifts, don’t worry, we got you covered. Thanks to the artist’s collaboration with Alfredo Gonzalez you can now wear his works!  Socks can be fun and fashion, adding a final touch to your outfit. Create your own gallery and complete your look with a little crazy design.

Arttenders Photodiarium Slanted

Photo Credits: Slanted

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We are not sure whether this proverb applies to polaroids too, but we’ll find out soon. The Polaroid PHOTODIARIUM is a tear-off calendar that gathers 365 photos with their short story. Each day a little treasure is revealed! Produced by Slanted, it’s on sale on their website.

Arttenders_redacted_v01_Jeremy Haik_Upraise Art_2019.jpg

Photo Credits: UPRISE ART

Whilst trying to give a second life to marble statues, Jeremy Haik combines photography, paint, and astronomy in a unique way. He’s one of many emerging contemporary artists on UPRISE ART, an online gallery that offers high quality at affordable prices. Who knows, maybe here you will find the solution for a Christmas gift that you were just missing.

Photo credit: Xaviera Altena

And last but not least ladies and gentlemen, this beautiful tray by Xaviera Altena, designed exclusively for Arttenders! It is, alas, not for sale. But we are doing A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY for all our fans. Want to know how to get your hands on one of these babies?! Then follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Instructions on how to win will follow mid-December!