New addition to the team: Loreto Bazo


Loreto Bazo (27) is a Spanish student of International Leisure Management. Until this summer she will work as a researcher for Arttenders, where she is researching the experiential marketing opportunities in relation to the customer journey in airports.

Loreto is currently working on her graduation research at Breda University of Applied Sciences (NL). After an experience in the museum world as a programming intern at the Australian Museum in Sydney, she wants to see what else the art world has to offer. For her art is a powerful source of inspiration with the potential to change people’s lives. She is eager to learn more about the connection between arts and business, making Arttenders the perfect fit for her. 

Her research will focus on the customer journey of business travellers in airports and how Arttenders can improve this journey from an experiential marketing and brand positioning perspective. Our integral work method that combines corporate identity and spatial design offers many opportunities, but how do they relate to contemporary needs of travelers? We will hopefully soon find out!

Ready to be amazed,  she can’t wait to enter the exciting cultural world.

Welcome Loreto!

Want to stay tuned on Loreto’s research? Do not hesitate to reach out to her at