Transforming Tandarts West: revamping the brand experience of a dental clinic

Siobhan BurgerNews

Forget unpleasant dental clinics and say hi to an unexpected experience. Arttenders has been approached by Tandarts West, a modern dental practice in Rotterdam West, to revamp its interior and brand identity.

Current facade of Tandarts West

Tandarts West is a dentistry with a focus on children. When they first settled in Rotterdam West they created a colorful interior and brand identity. However, now several years later, it is time to transform it into a comfortable place where clients feels at ease. To create an immersive brand experience Arttenders is hired as lead interior designer. By collaborating with an artist (tbd), we will create an aesthetic concept suiting the business aspirations of Tandarts West. We will work closely over the coming months to give the clinic a well deserved facelift!