Inspiration Blog: 5 Experiential healthcare environments

Siobhan BurgerBlog

Healthcare environments are often just about therapies and medical treatments. Many people spend a lot of time there, so we wondered why they can’t also be inspiring places filled with colors, creativity and happiness. One space at the time, user experience is becoming more and more important in transforming hospitals’ often plain buildings.

There are many different ways in which experience and healthcare can be combined. In this blog we present you 5 inspiring projects that integrate inspiring design in a healthcare environment. The results bring a breath of fresh air to the space.

1. Dan Colex x St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children (New York)

Artteders Dan Colen St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children_2019

Photo Credits: RxArt

St. Mary’s Hospital for Children is the largest provider of pediatric healthcare in the New York area. The hospital is committed to improve the quality of life of children and their families. To heal its patients, St. Mary’s doesn’t only provide excellent medical treatments. Next to long-term care programmes, it also offers beautiful encounter! In fact, different site-specific installations become a healthy distraction for everyone.

Recognising the power of art, the hospital turned to Dan Colen for a revamp of its Activity Center. The artist wanted to inspire a sense of play and confidence in the space. To do so, he realized larger than life rainbow confetti that flies around the walls. From the floors to the ceilings, the artwork embraces the whole environment. In this way, children can free their imagination. This cheerful setting becomes perfect for a moment of celebration!

2. Studio Karhard x The Urban Dentist (Berlin)

Arttenders Studio Karhanrd The Urban Dentis

Photo Credits: Studio Karhard

Berlin is famous for its bar and club scene. But its night life ambience is reaching new spaces. After the renovation of the iconic Berghain Club, Studio Karhard took over an unexpected location. This time it transformed a… dentist’s office! The Urban Dentist is a new dental practice in Berlin. Willing to combine quality dentistry with a modern look, the doctors looked for an innovative way to fight dental phobia.

The studio is very stylish. Instead of the typical white walls and glossy surfaces, pink-powder furniture and ambient lighting welcome people. Pleasingly surprised, they immediately forget to be at the dentist. Natural stones and rough materials were also used to give the space a club vibe. In this way the design creates a friendly and serene environment that reduces stress. As a results, patients feel comfortable and fearless forgetting the unpleasant dentistry experience. At The Urban Dentist they become guests ready to be served!

3. Jeff Koons x Advocate Children’s Hospital (Oak Lawn)

Arttenders Jeff Koons Advocate Children’s Hospital

Photo Credits: RxArt

Everyone is familiar with the name of Jeff Koons. From museums to public spaces, his artworks are all over the world. Now his iconic Balloon Dog and Monkeys have found a new home. As a result of a ground-breaking collaboration, this artist brightens up the radiology department of the Advocate Children’s Hospital.

Entering an X-ray machine might be quite frightening and overwhelming, especially for children. Therefore the aim was to give a new identity to the unfriendly rooms and scary machineries. How? With bright and playful images! Through joy and optimism, the environment immediately becomes more pleasing. But what’s more is that the artworks also function as distractors. By looking at them, patients lower their attention, thus their pain perception decreases too. Rather than feeling in a scanner, they feel immersed in art. Art can really have a far-reaching impact!

4. Stanley Beaman & Sears x Nemours Children’s Hospital (Orlando)

Arttenders Stanley Beaman Sears Nemours Children’s Hospital

Photo Credits: Stanley Beaman & Sears

To move away from the sterile feeling of traditional hospitals, Stanley Beaman & Sears searched for an innovative solution. As a result, rooms and hallways at Nemours Children’s Hospital became interactive canvas! Upon arriving the main lobby, a digital lighting blends colors into the whole space. Patients don’t feel like they’re entering a hospital, and instead everyone is invited to play with it. A real warm welcome that creates a space to enjoy!

Similar light installations are also in the rooms, so that people can realize their own animations through interactive televisions. Everyone is engaged in the creation of these artworks! The different creations make the atmosphere unique and inspiring. Next to bringing beauty in the environment, this innovative lighting solution also offers an effective distraction. Busy playing, children feel happier and relieved!

5. Okuda San Miguel x San Carlos Hospital (Madrid)

Arttenders Okuda San Miguel San Carlos Hospital

Photo Credits: Formica

It’s hard to make patients feel at home, especially during long hospitalization periods. To make the stay more pleasing, San Carlos Hospital turned into a dreamlike world of wildlife. Okuda San Miguel is a Spanish muralist famous for bringing colors into ugly and grey streets. Therefore no doubt that he was the perfect match to revamp this space. His iconic style literally brightens up long hospital days.

Hoping to change the world for the better, Okuda gave a new energy to the pediatric intensive care unit. The artist realized a series of rainbow murals transforming the space physically and emotionally. To bring positivity and happiness in the air, different eye-catching panels were installed in the corridors. The whole space became a lively colourful world! Patients, visitors and doctors are all embraced by art. As a result, everyone’s mood and wellbeing are improved. It’s amazing what happens when street art and healthcare came together!

These inspirational projects show that integrating an experiential component into the design of healthcare environments can contribute to better healing spaces. Creative solutions bring an uplifting and positive atmosphere in hospitals, engaging everyone into a different experience. Good design really has an incredible impact! Arttenders can help to develop unique concepts that have the power to transform spaces and experiences, so feel free to reach out.