‘Toothpaste Palooza’
concepting sneak peek


Sketch for the facade. Credits: Xaviera Altena

Tandarts West approached Arttenders to help rethink the identity and experience of its dental practice. As concept developer Arttenders inspired the owner of the practice to take into account the full customer experience. In the visualisation of the overall concept we collaborated with illustrator Xaviera Altena and interior architect Gabriel Holysz. During the process Tandarts West also encountered organizational aspects related to repositioning the practice. The management has decided to give these priority and not start with the implementation of the interior (just yet). As always, we will update you asap once we know more, but for now just a little sneak peek of the highlights!

The starting point

Few years ago, Tandarts West opened in Rotterdam West to provide top quality dental care to its clients. Its clientele consists of a mixture of local residents. Therefore it happens quite often that entire families come in the practice for their semi-annual check-up. Suitability of the new interior for various age groups therefore was an important requirement. On top of that, Tandarts West also wished to stay away from the cliche teeth and other uninspiring references. Last but not least a new color scheme was preferred to create a hygienic yet eye catching look and feel.

With these requirements Arttenders, Xaviera and Gabriel brainstormed on how to stay away from the cliches, whilst stil using recognisable icons as a strong input for the new experience. Instead of focusing on other theme’s that can feel fabricated, staying true to your core business is oftentimes the way to go. Xaviera created a moodboard based on playful tooth care references as a starting point for the concept.

Moodboard for concepting for Tandarts West. Credits: Xaviera Altena

The cool colors of the moodboard also served as inspiration for the color palette right away. Taking into account the orange treatment chairs that are currently in the practice and are hard to replace, the colors also match these existing shades. Xaviera’s work is characterised by her bold use of colors and the combination has resulted in a cool, but present mixture.

Color palette that serves as the base for the design elements. Credits: Xaviera Altena

Toothpaste Palooza

Soon the bubbly texture of toothpase became the protagonist of the concept. In a combination of 2- and 3-dimensional references to the act of brushing your teeth an experience is created that already starts on the street. By applying a combination of regular and transparent foils you can catch a glimpse of the practice and the special features of the waiting area.

Rough preview of the facade proposal

The waiting area is a narrow area that is divided by a pillar into two sections. One of these sections now serves as the children corner, whilst the other gives space to adults. In the proposal the functionality of both waiting areas is maintained.

Enormous tubes of toothpaste create an eye catching piece of furniture tailored the required functionality. The kids corner exists of a tube with toy storage and an climbing area. In the other area the toothpaste forms elevations that give seating space to sit, relax and wait your turn. In this way the whole environment becomes personal but also more engaging. Adding a fun layer to dentistry, even the most nervous patients are distracted!

Playful furniture proposal. Credits: Xaviera Altena

Waiting area furniture proposal. Credits: Xaviera Altena

The color palette can be applied to the different functional areas, creating a serene environment whilst highlighting the custom furniture pieces. A playful solution that combines aesthetic and functionality, resulting into an amazing look. Leaving behind the traditional white polished walls, the interior is eye-catching and iconic. The creative concept creates a luxurious yet very welcoming look and feel. The design reflects the DNA of the dentist, thus art is employed to make people feel comfortable and relaxed. From the logo to the windows, the concept is ready for this fresh makeover!