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We Serve Art Box Vol. 1


We serve art, Arttenders webshop limited edition artworksEvery year again, especially when december is approaching, the same questions reach us. Looking for nice artworks to buy as a gift, people ask for directions to the perfect (online) shop or item. There’s only one answer to that: We Serve Art!

We Serve Art

December 2019, we’ll be opening our webshop where the virtual shelves are filled with affordable art. Leading up to the launch, we are happy to announce Arttenders’ limited edition We Serve Art Box Vol. 1. For the mere sum of 60 euros you obtain three unique artworks by established artists.

What to expect? A festive package containing three exclusive artworks made by Rotterdam artists. This edition, the selected artists are Pim Top, Corriette Schoenaerts and Saïd Kinos. The final works are still in the making, but want to get to know the artist already? Find a short bio about our three chosen artists below.

No time to hesitate! Only 500 boxes will be assembled, which makes the We Serve Art Box a collector’s item. A must-have for every art loving brother, mother and friend, or simply to keep for yourself.

Order yours now!

Want to become the lucky owner of this valuable set of artworks? Go to We Serve Art and order yours now!

Pim Top

Pim Top is a Rotterdam photographer searching for everyday subjects that aren’t that appealing at first glance. In his work, he researches the communication between flat images and the reality they represent. Top asks his viewers to consciously rethink aesthetic conventions and the value we grant at images.

The We Serve Art Box Vol 1. contains one of 500 limited edition prints by Pim Top.

Pim Top, Working Fountain #5, 2018

Pim Top, Working Fountain #5, 2018

Corriette Schoenaerts

Corriette Schoenaerts is a Rotterdam-based artist who works in visual arts, fashion and commerce. As an artist, she strives not to bear one specific label in terms of style or medium, even tho her work is always colorful. Among her clients are Die Zeit, Smirnoff, Bombay Sapphire Gin and Converse.

For the We Serve Art Box Vol 1. Corriette has designed an exclusive winter scarf.

Corriëtte Schoenaerts, Portfolio - Passion = violence

Corriëtte Schoenaerts, Portfolio – Passion = violence

Saïd Kinos

Saïd Kinos is a graphic designer with a background in graffiti. He’s fascinated by human communication and inspired by language, iconography and social media. His work is a combination of colors and contrasts, symbolizing the many impressions that we get to process every single day.

For the We Serve Art Box Vol 1. Saïd has designed a broche and the beautiful box that contains all three artworks.

Saïd Kinos Pow! Wow! Festival

Saïd Kinos at Pow! Wow! Festival 2019