Atrium of ADORE


ADORE Oncology and Neuroscience Research Center in Amsterdam

The Atrium of ADORE. Image credits: Studio Hartzema.

Everyday many people cross their ways in healthcare centers. However, not many think about them as places where to linger for a while. To change this, Amsterdam University Medical Centre has approached us to transform the atrium of their new facility. Located on the south side of the city, the new center is an expansion of the existing medical complex.

We are honored to announce that the prestigious research center ADORE, Amsterdam Oncology and Neuroscience Research, has commissioned Arttenders to work on a monumental gesture for their main entrance area, located in the atrium of the center that is currently under construction.

ADORE will open its doors in 2023 to facilitate international medical researchers, professionals and patients. The center offers accommodation for them to combine their knowledge, experience and skills to collectively work on treating and curing devastating diseases. ADORE is going to be Europe’s largest medical research hub focusing on oncology and neuroscience. It will connect medical experts and patients from all over the world. It is therefore important that the atrium will function as a meeting space that creates an open and welcoming experience for all of its users and visitors.

Arttenders will be creating an artwork for the immense floor surface, resulting in a visualization of important narratives with a Dutch silver lining. While giving the users of the center a sense of belonging, the striking floor is a visual statement and adds identity to such an impactful and highly necessary initiative.

With its allure, the atrium of ADORE won’t miss bringing people together.