Karel Appel Hofpleintheater

Transforming Hofpleintheater with Corriette Schoenaerts

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Karel Appel Hofpleintheater

When thinking about the renovation project of their theater, Stichting Jeugdtheater Hofplein Rotterdam decided that Arttenders would be the perfect match to turn the theater into an impressive immersive art experience. Together with artist Corriette Schoenaerts we are transforming the theater into the city’s brand new hidden gem.

Arttenders came up with the concept to turn the much-needed refurbishung of the theater into a total artwork that reinforces the vision and mission of the theatre. From wall design, custom made printed flooring and seats, no surfaces is being left untouched.

Artist Corriette Schoenaerts is without doubt ideally suitable for the job. Working in visual arts, fashion and advertising, Schoenaerts knows how to build alternative worlds to get lost in. The Hofpleintheater will become an unforgettable scenery of imagination and wonder for young theater enthusiasts, with a photogenic appeal to other target groups as well.

Corriette Schoenaerts Above the Clouds

Above The Clouds. Campagne by Corriette Schoenaerts for Beams Tokyo x Rendez-Vous-Paris.

Located at the Benthemplein in Rotterdam, the Hofpleintheater is one of a kind. A huge artwork by Karel Appel adorns the facade. This glass and concrete relief creates a breathtaking play of light when the sun shines inside the foyer. At night the work is illuminated from the inside for passers-by on the square to enjoy. It goes without saying that we wish to cherish this unique piece of art, so we asked Corriette Schoenaerts to take its primary colors as a starting point for her work. With this thought, we follow in the tradition of earlier renovations of the theater, like the one by Albert Diederik in the nineties.

Karel Appel Hofpleintheater

Karel Appel at Hofpleintheater, Bentemplein, Rotterdam.

The canvas for Schoenaerts to work with concerns the carpets of the auditorium, mezzanine and stairs, the theatre chairs and a general refurbishment that includes walls and furniture. The amazement and fantasy of the audience will be fully appealed to by the immersive character of the total artwork. It will inspire people of all ages and respond to a feeling that anything is possible. Schoenaerts first designs were enthusiastically received by the Hofpleintheater, so we can’t wait to show you the final result!