De Golf Arttenders Almere

Baltimoreplein Sketching Phase:
3. De golf


This week, we’re showing off the designs for Verover het Baltimoreplein. The municipality of Almere asked for an appealing place to stay in the urban scenery, which also serves as a playground. DE GOLF is one of four designs you can still vote for on

De Golf Arttenders Almere

What’s in a name? De Golf is a huge wave on dry land, inspired by the fact that Almere was built on water. The design is inspired by the old Zuiderzee. It’s easy to recognize the clay soil where plants grow in between the cracks and the basalt blocks on the dike. De Golf ads an interesting layer of storytelling to the neighborhood, with which both young and old will be enchanted.

Playful learning

Children are invited to step inside the wave and slide down the other side. For sporty youngsters, the basalt blocks serve as obstacles on their freerunning track, as they mutually differ in height and width. Some of the lower ones even have built-in water spouts that come into effect when standing or jumping on it!

This eye-catching artwork is a joy to play in and look at. It even has an educational component. The inside of the wave depicts information about the history and nature around the Baltimoreplein. Eager to discover it in the future? Go to and give it your vote. Or have a look at the other three designs.

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Sneak peek

In our previous blog, we explained how designing a functional artwork starts within the sketching phase. In this phase, we capture the answers to questions asked by the client in an overall concept and creative artwork, in close collaboration with each artist.

In this mini-series of four blogs, we elaborate on four designs for the Verover het Baltimoreplein-project in the city district of Almere Buiten.